Home and Home Office

You can count on our certified Gurus for professional IT service. We’re not part-time, inexperienced geeks from the big-box stores; yet we’re still more reasonably priced.

Evans Computer Consulting is your complete IT services company for your business.

Most importantly, we do it all with integrity and honesty,
while keeping your company's best interests in mind.




Hardware, Software and Operating Systems

Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s any less important or complex. Our Gurus can repair and upgrade all kinds of hardware, software, and operating systems on notebooks, UltraBooks, small form factor PC’s, desktops, workstations and servers. We have access to just about any hardware or software imaginable to bring your systems back to smooth-running operation.

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Wired or Wireless Internet Connectivity

Your Internet access is so slow you wonder if someone replaced your cable modem with an old dial-up modem? Are you unable to get wireless connectivity at the far end of your home? Think the neighbors might be “borrowing” your Internet? We can help. Since no two networks are exactly alike, you need an experienced technician with the right tools to properly identify the problem and recommend a solution that meets both your needs and budget. We can put into place solutions that include upgrading or replacing equipment as needed, or just optimizing your existing equipment. Most importantly, we always treat your home and budget like it was our own.

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Internet Controls

Access and Parental Control Filtering

Do you need secure access back to the office? Do you wonder what the kids are looking at on the Internet when you’re away? Not sure if your wireless network is properly secured? Our Gurus can make sure your home network is as secure as a business network, and provide the peace of mind that you’re protecting not only your computers, but your kids too. Protecting your network doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; you just need the right guidance.

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Secure Onsite or Cloud Storage

When was the last time you backed up those important work documents, music, and priceless pictures? There are only two kinds of computer users; those who have lost files due to a hard drive crash or virus infection, and those haven’t yet. Backup is more important than ever, yet few home or home office users are backing up regularly. We can recommend, install and configure the right onsite or cloud-based backup to protect those important files with little to no effort on your part. Combine your backup with our Managed Services, and you can rest easy knowing that our Gurus are taking care of your computer like it was their own.

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