You can count on our certified Gurus for professional IT service. We’re not part-time, inexperienced geeks from the big-box stores; yet we’re still more reasonably priced.

Evans Computer Consulting is your complete IT services company for your business.

Most importantly, we do it all with integrity and honesty,
while keeping your company's best interests in mind.




Hardware, Software and Operating System Repair

Is your server out of hard drive space? Are you seeing strange error messages? Need a software update installed but don’t know where to start? Our Gurus can repair and upgrade all kinds of hardware, software, and operating systems on notebooks, UltraBooks, small form factor PC’s, desktops, workstations and servers. We have access to just about any hardware or software imaginable to bring your systems back to smooth-running operation.

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Network and Server Configuration

Not sure if users have the access to only the files they’re supposed to? Need a new user account created? Thinking about replacing that slow, aging server? Evans Computer Consulting has certified technicians with many years of experience installing and configuring networks and servers that meet Microsoft best practices. Don’t go it alone; let our Gurus configure your server right the first time, or reconfigure your existing server.

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Network and Server Optimization

Your network doesn’t run well. Employee productivity is suffering. Internet access is so slow you wonder if someone plugged that old dial-up modem back into the network. We can help. Since no two networks are exactly alike, you need an experienced technician with the right tools to properly identify the source of the slowdown and recommend a tailored solution that meets both your performance goals and budget. We can put into place solutions that include upgrading or replacing equipment as needed, or just optimizing your existing equipment. We always treat your environment and budget like it was our own.

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The Cloud

Cloud Storage, Backup and Cloud Applications

It’s not just a buzzword anymore. The Cloud is here and it can provide more benefit to your business than you may realize. From email and calendar, to antivirus and backup, file storage or entire business applications in the cloud, we have the resources and expertise to guide you to the cloud services that make the most sense for your business. See our Cloud Solutions for some of the cloud and managed services we provide.

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Remote Access

Secure remote Access and VPN’s

Are your employees able to work from home when the weather is bad? Do you have vendors who need to access your systems to install updates or troubleshoot software problems? Our Gurus can recommend secure remote access for these needs and more. From site to site VPN’s to remote desktop access for remote workers; we can configure a remote access solution that fits your environment.

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Internet Controls

Firewalls, SPAM, and Content Filtering

Email SPAM isn’t just annoying anymore. It can contain viruses or be linked to websites designed to infect your systems with advertising software, or even steal your data. A properly configured firewall helps keep the bad guys out, and content filtering helps keep your employees productive and in compliance with standards like HIPAA and PCI. Evans Computer Consulting can reconfigure your existing firewall, or recommend, configure and install a new firewall, content filter or SPAM filtering system. We can review your network for compliance and best practices, and suggest ways to improve the security of your server and your network.

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